Ferdinand Magellan’s fleet first entered the Straits on November 1, 1520 and thus was initially called the Strait of All Saints.  It was later renamed the Strait of Magellan.

 Chile took possession of the Strait of Magellan on May 23, 1843 after fearing an occupation by Great Britain or France  The city of Punta Arenas was founded in 1848.

 The first person, in recorded history, to swim the Strait of Magellan is Lynne Cox from the USA in December 29, 1976.


    Swim Information:

            Cost for this swim is of $3,900.00.

            There is a $1,900.00 non refundable reservation deposit.

            Balance is due 3 (three) months before the swim

           Please note that this swim is subject to weather conditions.

       Services provided:

            1. Obtaining all permits from authorities.

            2. Insurance

            3. Support boat with lifeguard to accompany swimmer for the  duration of the swim.

            4. Ambulance on stand-by.

            5. All transfers in Punta Arenas.

            6. 6 nights hotel stay for the swimmer (single occupancy). Additional for guest.

            7. Breakfast

            8. Certification of the swim.

            9. Tours are additional can be purchased in Punta Arenas.


           To reserve your spot you must pay a non-refundable deposit of $1,900.00

            Upon acceptance of application you must submit the following:

               1. Medical form.

               2. Copy of Passport.

               3. A short biography of your swimming accomplishments, for press purposes.

               4. Submit your travel itinerary, specially your flight and date of arrival to Punta Arenas.

       Terms and Conditions:

               -All fees shall be non-refundable.

       -Subject to changes without notice.

Not  included: